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What an article to read!!!

From the Governor, this his broadcast following the Ozubulu massacre is a complete cop out. If he expects people to take comfort in those words, then odi konfused.

Comfort would be victim's advocacy, strong criminal investigation, and total overhaul of security procedures. This chest thumping and braggadacio doesn't comfort me.

To pull off this crime, there must be a chain of enablers in a long list. All the perpetrators in that chain must be brought to book.

Someone provided tbe vehicles. Someone drove it. Someone cased the crime scene. Someone provided the uniforms. Someone provided the guns. Someone provided the bullets. Someone mapped the routes of escape. Someone provided the hideouts and the staging point.

There is a whole crew of enablers and logistics handlers that has to be accounted for.

Two warlords who happen to be drug kingpins are to blame. Is that the narrative? Mba. How about their army of enablers homegrown and groomed.

Then the Kingpins should be summoned back home right away. Their known properties in the State should be sold and proceeds distributed to surviving relatives of their victims.

The governor needs to understand that this attack has exposed the security lapses and vulnerabilities of ndi Anambra. Boko Haram and Herdsmen have to be emboldened by the ineffectuality. Imagine that. Unknown gun men drove into a church, massacred churchgoers, drove away and after 24 hours ... no arrests.

How is that not a cause for alarm for crying out loud? Couldn't Boko Haram do the same? Or herdsmen? The fact that feuding druglords have been fingered is not sufficient consolation to not be alarmed by the ease with which the dastardly acts were carried out.

Where was the police? Where was Ozubulu vigilante? Where was Igwe Ozubulu? If Anambra towns do not have a viable vigilante after all the security threats facing ndi Anambra, isn't that a cause for alarm?

The price of freedom is vigilance. Government shouldn't wait for the worst outcomes before measures are put in place.

This was simply gut check for Ndiigbo in the face of mounting security threats. We failed and should be alarmed.

12 deaths and many wounded is part of the story. I want to know what the Governor will do to compensate the victims.

Strong measures of deterrents must be put in place. The PG of Ozubulu and Igwe Ozubulu should be deposed on account of this. That should send a strong signal to all PGS and Igwes that they are expected to be in the front line of security management in their communities.

This thing must have been brewing for a while and what usually happens is that the warlords buy off every key person in the village with outlandish gifts and they obtain license to do as they please.

This time, they stepped out of line. The Governor should feel embarrassed. The Igwe of Ozubulu should feel embarrassed. The PG of Ozubulu should feel embarrassed. Prominent sons and daughters of Ozubulu should be embarrassed

Igbo leaders who have been huffing and puffing for self determination should feel concerned. Is this how Ndigbo will defend alaIgbo if the come comes to become?

Igbo flag should fly at half mast in the hearts of every Igbo man. We have let ourselves down. We have let the victims down. We should be alarmed by our degenerate value system that now elevates drug lords to the highest social strata in Igboland. We should be alarmed that no arrests have been made. We should be alarmed that no one is taking responsibility.

And by the way, the innocent blood spilled in that Church has cursed that Church. If it is clear that the Church was built with drug money and proceeds of organized crime, the Bishop of Nnewi should tear it down. Extreme measure yes, but it is about time Catholic clergy send the message that God does not need the proceeds of crime as donations. All the clergy that bow down before these warlords and ingratiate them are culpable. They should do their soul search and feel thoroughly ashamed for being part of the moral degeneracy that fornented this kind of evil. white prom party wear of lace